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A. Doug Cyrus, DC


Regain Your Health

This Web site is dedicated to teaching and motivating people who are looking for direction in regaining their health.  If you are serious about regaining your health, you probably already have a condition that interferes with your daily activities of life or worse:  A condition that could be life threatening!  Unfortunately, you are not alone.  If you are at the point where your health is interfering with your life’s activities and are willing to make changes in your life style to “regain your health” then this Web site will give you the direction to take control of your .life by taking control of your health.  This thought is fundamentally true:  Take control of your health and you take control of your life.

Here you can learn the principles that will help guide you in changing your belief system and life style so you can regain your health.  Sometimes we will tell stories, poems and quotes to help encourage, teach or emphasize a certain point.  We have tried to give enough information so you can have understanding of what you need to do and why you need to do it but not so much that it is impossible to “wade through it.”

We do understand that there is a lot of reading that needs to be accomplished to understand how you can regain your health.  You will find that the ideas expressed in this Web site can literally change your life in many positive ways, giving you encouragement and direction.  It is a must for you to understand the main body of information so you can get the “BIG IDEA.” Would you be willing to read 42 pages of a small book to change your life by Regaining Your Health? Anyone who reads the first 38 pages of this web site (the philosophy portion of the web site) I give permission to call me and I will talk to them about their health challenge at no charge.

Call me at (217)-562-9241, (8:30 to 10:30 A.M. or 2:30 to 5:30 P.M. Mon. Wed. or Fri.)


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As you learn new principles and ideas to apply to your life, you will realize you are a work in progress.  So, just like you, this website is also a work in progress.  Various health conditions separate from the main body of this web site will eventually be addressed and will be continually added to the site.  This information will inform you about what you should do (and why you should do it) for specific conditions.  Due to the fact that we emphasize treating the body so the body can heal itself, it is not totally necessary for you to know an exact approach for each individual condition a person might have.  You will understand this better as you learn more.

For legal purposes I must point out that the information given in this web site or from any doctor associated with this web site is not intended to examine, diagnose or treat any health condition. It is given to enhance the reader’s knowledge so he or she can make their own decisions about their health condition. It is recommended before any change is made to your body that you check with your own medical practitioner who knows your specific condition best.

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